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Blah Blah Blah Improv

Blah Blah Blah Improv was born in February 2023. The teachers, who are well versed in many improv forms and formats, have collectively performed well over 300 improv shows to live audiences in Australia and internationally. They teach and perform improvised comedy, including theatresports-style improv (short-form) and long-form Chicago-style improv, at the Gold Coast and on the Queensland-New South Wales border. They included a silent 'h' in the name because silent 'h's are cool (and Bla Bla Bla Improv doesn't look quite right).

Meet the teachers


Blah Blah Blah Improv founder and teacher Mandy Plumb

In her late teens, Mandy Plumb embarked on her professional stage journey with a debut in the iconic musical HAIR, all while pursuing her passion for theatre at university. Over the next five years, she graced stages across Australia, Dubai, India, and New Caledonia, making appearances in various television shows and commercials, and even delving into film and TV body doubling. Despite an unsuccessful endeavour to introduce theatresports-style improv to Thailand, Mandy segued into the corporate world before eventually rekindling her connection to the arts as a general manager for a company at QPAC.

Her journey then led her behind the scenes, working on productions such as Disney's international tour of The Lion King Musical, Australia’s most successful circus export (Circa), and the big-budget film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Yet, amidst her busy schedule, Mandy remained dedicated to her true passion—improvised comedy. She graced the stages of comedy festivals and theatres across Brisbane, including notable appearances at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, Bris Funny Fest, and Brisbane Improv Festival.

As the former physicality director for Queensland's sole improvised comedy musical theatre troupe, Mandy shared her expertise by training fellow improvisers and facilitating improv jams at Big Fork Theatre. Additionally, she has taught improv and drama to children and teenagers at ZigZag Theatre and is currently teaching speech and drama at St Augustine's on the Gold Coast. Mandy's commitment to the performing arts extends beyond the stage, as she advocates for diversity within Australia's improvised comedy scene, recognising its impact on both audiences and performers.

Through it all, Mandy cherishes improv for its ability to foster collaboration and acceptance of diverse ideas, enriching her experiences across different professional landscapes.


Blah Blah Blah Improv teacher Ben Keane at a comedy festival

Ben Keane is an electronic engineer by day and improviser by night and weekend who has regularly graced the stage since 2017. Ben created and co-directed an award winning improvised sci-fi comedy at the Brisbane Planetarium in 2018, and created, directed and performed in Real Live Fake News at the Brisbane ABC studios in 2019 during the Anywhere Theatre Festival. Ben has performed in the Brisbane Comedy Festival with Big Fork Theatre's Cool Story Bro in 2018, ImproMafia’s Theatresports in 2019, Big Fork Theatre’s Sing-A-Long in 2020, and Chris Martin’s Stand-Up vs Improviser 2022. Ben has even performed in improv shows in Canberra and Wellington, New Zealand. Ben has run improv jams, taught improv classes in Brisbane with Big Fork Theatre, and taught a special one-off workshop in Wellington at the New Zealand Improv Festival. He is father to two cats, Gypsy and Sprocket, and likes putting milo on ice cream. His email address is and password is password123.



Meet Mark Cranswick, a lover of comedy whose passion for laughter knows no bounds. With a robust improv training background at Big Fork Theatre, Improv Queensland, and Blah Blah Blah Improv, Mark is a seasoned performer in the art of improvisation. His comedic journey has led him to captivating stages, including Masters of Theatresports with Improv Queensland and the Brisbane Improv Festival with Blah Blah Blah Improv.


With a professional background in character improv, Mark was formally second vampire in charge at Dracula’s Cabaret. Mark's comedic prowess is fuelled by an appreciation for the randomness of life, making each performance a delightful exploration into the unpredictable world of humour. Join him on a laughter-filled adventure where spontaneity reigns supreme.

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