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Small Town Council

Blah Blah Blah Improv presents Small Town Council! This is our signature improvised comedy show based on the shenanigans that happen in your own neighbourhood!


You’re invited to a rare town hall meeting! Have your neighbourhood community group on Facebook ready because the posts you submit just before the show starts will form this council’s agenda!

Featuring a talented cast of comedy improvisers from the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales, watch posts from your Facebook community group hilariously come to life!

By attending the town council meeting, you can help suggest solutions about each particular issue on the agenda, or sit back and enjoy the small-town shenanigans unfold as our improv comedians explore the fun side of small-town life!

Start scrolling through your Facebook neighbourhood community group now and get ready to watch our improv comedians become the people you love (and the people you love to hate) bring to life the mundane, funny, whingey, and utterly ridiculous scenarios from your neighbourhood!

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